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Patos Island

Kevin's mom flew in this week to hang out with us for a few days before we leave for Alaska, so we thought we'd show her the boat and some of our favorite spots in the San Juan Islands. Yesterday morning we headed for Patos Island (that's Patos there in the distance):


Nice light on the lighthouse:


We grabbed a mooring ball and headed out to the lighthouse to stretch our legs a bit. Airship from the trail:


The dinghy back on the beach:


More baby geese:


Cool plant on the trail:


Airship silhouette:


After our walk out to the the lighthouse we took the dinghy for a little spin. A huge bald eagle landed out on the lighthouse as we were rounding the point:



Bird ruckus on the water:


Looking back into Active Cove at Airship:


Once back at the boat we had a little decktop happy hour and then we grilled up some zucchini and fresh halibut topped with a dill creme fraiche. Delicious. The sunset wasn't bad either:







  1. Betty Betty

    OK, you can post a recipe for those frittata cups anytime – they look divine! So excited about “going with you” on this Alaska trip.

    • I didn’t have a recipe, Betty, but here’s what I did: I bought some black forest ham…sliced the oval shaped pieces long-ways, and then put them around the side of an oiled muffin tin (straight, cut side at the bottom). For a six-muffin tin, I used 5 eggs, I grated some gruyere cheese, and I chopped some spinach and stirred all that together. I added a little salt and pepper, poured the egg/cheese/spinach mixture into the center of each muffin spot, and baked until the middle was springy (at 350 degrees F for…um…not sure. 20 ish minutes?) I’ve made these with all sorts of ingredients…chorizo and salsa…sausage and spinach…they’re great for experimenting. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Snowing here today in Lovely Ouray, Colorado… you stole our sun 🙂
    Looking forward to tagging along to Alaska,
    New Reader,
    Box Canyon Mark

    • Hi Mark! Welcome aboard! We love Ouray! Sorry about your sun! Thanks for the loan…I’m sure it won’t last. 🙂

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