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Day 8 – Pierre’s Echo Bay to Port McNeill

Airship Goes to Alaska – Day 8

We said goodbye to Pierre this morning at 8am and headed for Port McNeill. The waters were calm, the sky was gray, and it was a beautiful foggy/misty cruise over to the North Island Marina.


This is our last stop before crossing Cape Caution (unless we duck into the Walker Group for weather, but the forecast looks good for tomorrow so far, with seas about a meter with a 6 second period. Check the West Sea Otter buoy here.)

The plan is to listen to the 4am weather and make the Go/No Go call, and if Go, then leave at 5am. It'll be a 60 mile day to Fury Cove, where we'll be anchoring and potlucking on the beach (weather permitting). AIS (see the "Where's Airship? button in the right column) hasn't been picking us up for a couple days, but don't worry…we're doing just fine and eventually it'll connect back up with us.

Today has been mainly about doing a few chores: a trip to the grocery store, liquor store, laundry, fuel, topping off water, doing a little boat maintenance, napping…stuff like that. We'll be meeting at 6pm up at Gus's Pub for dinner, and then I think we'll all be heading early to bed. This is a perfect place to re-provision because everything is in walking distance, and the marina hosts are SUPER nice and very helpful. Each dock has its own fuel line, so you can fuel right from your spot. Pretty sweet!

Also, there are eagles fishing RIGHT next to and over our boat, so here are some more eagle photos:




This one's my favorite:




And here's today's track (25.88 nautical miles, 3 hours 35 minutes):

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 4.36.29 PM

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  1. Suzanne Suzanne

    Beautiful fluke shots! I came over from a link on Box Canyon Mark’s blog, and I certainly am enjoying your journey! Although I am an RV full timer, I subscribe to the adage, “life is better on a boat.” 😉 Thanks for the beautiful posts.


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