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Day 6 – Blind Channel to Port Harvey

Airship Goes to Alaska – Day 6

Wow, 5am is really early!


We were scheduled to leave Blind Channel at 5:45am sharp, meaning off the docks at 5:30am and waiting in the channel at 5:45am, so the alarm went off at 5am and we made quick cappuccinos and were casting off lines at 5:25am. (We're good little rule-followers, aren't we?)

The weather today shifted a bit and we had a low cloud layer for most of the morning.  Greene Point Rapids and Whirlpool Rapids were both totally chill this morning (in fact, I didn't even realize we'd gone through Greene Point Rapids until we were about a half an hour past it).

We took the slightly longer way to get to Johnstone Strait, and it was a bit choppy when we first entered the strait, but it calmed down considerably as the morning went on.

Coming up Havannah Channel and around Broken Islands:


Approaching Port Harvey:



We are all docked on the long finger dock, and learned from George (the owner) that yesterday he saw a grizzly sow and four cubs along the beach moving past his property. I wish we'd have been here a day earlier! (He said grizzlies never have more than two cubs, so she must have adopted them somewhere along the way.)

Looking back out from the Port Harvey dock:


George will be firing up the pizza oven and cooking up a bunch of pizzas for everyone tonight. (He'll also be taking orders for homemade cinnamon rolls that will be ready for us as we depart tomorrow morning!) Also…did you notice that float plane there at the dock as we approached? The guy in that plane was just finishing the installation of Wi-Fi as we arrived. He's gone now, and the Wi-Fi is working! We're apparently the first to get to use it. Score!

There are a zillion jelly fish here (and tons of eagles).


Seriously…everywhere you look, for as far down as you can see, the water is just THICK with varying sizes of jellies. We have a couple of crab pots down off the dock (apparently there's good crabbin' here), and we're bringing them up to check with gloves on because along with crab come jellies. (So far one female Dungeness and one too-small male Dungeness. Fingers crossed for some keepers!)

I'll post our routes with the previous posts as soon as I can get them downloaded. Also, if you haven't noticed already, over there in the sidebar (at the top) there's a "Where is Airship?" button. That'll show you our position on a map (or the last position it was able to get). It's cool! Follow along! 🙂

Today's track (38.3 nautical miles, 5 hours 7 minutes):

Blind channel to port harvey