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Day 14 – Rescue Bay to Windy Bay

Airship Goes to Alaska – Day 14

We slept in, made breakfast, showered, and departed Rescue Bay at a leisurely 10am.

Sea Raven leads the flotilla:


This weather!!


We headed up Mathieson Channel and made a left turn into Kynoch Inlet, then over to Kynoch Falls where we oooh’d and aaah’d at the pretty water.



Sea Raven with Kynoch Falls:


Looking up Kynoch Inlet to the Fjordland Recreational Area. I believe we’ll be spending more time here on the way home.


We’re now anchored in Windy Bay, which is on the north side of Pooley Island, on Sheep Channel. It’s not windy at all. Some light clouds moved in and we’ve gotten a bit of drizzle.

Rob and Jean on Big Red, the American Tug 41, invited everyone over for wine and appetizers on their boat at 5pm. We dinghy-pooled over there and had a really fun evening with delicious appetizers (which ended up being dinner for most of us I think).

Kevin had put out two crab traps so we checked them on the way back to Airship, but no crab today. We took a scenic dinghy tour around Windy Bay and then watched the sunset from the top deck. (Sunset being around 10pm).

Gorgeous sky.


Since we crossed Cape Caution on Monday, we’ve been cruising in some of the most remote and uninhabited wild areas that we’ve ever been in. We’re cruising between countless islands that look like modern humans have never visited them (for the most part). There are no roads, no signs of human activity, power lines, any kind of structures…we’ve hardly even seen any other boats. There is no cell service, virtually no traffic on the radio but for the chatter of our flotilla. It’s even rare to detect a plane flying over. Pretty much the only noticeable signs of humans are the occasional patch of clearcut on the mountainside.

I think we’re going to purchase a sat phone for our trip south when we’re not with the flotilla any more (and back in more remote surroundings).

Sunday  we’ll have a longer passage (56 miles) to Bishop Bay Hot Springs, with a quick stop at Butedale.

Here’s today’s route (30.8 nautical miles):

Rescuebay to windybay