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Still No Deer on the Island of the Tiny Tame Deer

We have now hiked every trail on Jones Island — no deer. I thought I saw one when we were coming around the northeast tip of the island, but it was only a leprechaun.

However devoid of deer, this half of the island still has lots of moss, mushrooms, and beautiful scenery.




Here's the map from today's hike (you can see the two other loops that we did yesterday, too):

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.16.52 AM

And two bald eagles just flew over the boat making loud eagle sounds, so that was cool.


Last night before we went to bed we went outside on the back deck to look at the stars, and noticed this gorgeous glow in sky from the Vancouver city lights. A rocking boat is not the best stable platform to capture such a thing in a photograph, but I got two pretty cool shots. The colors are different due to a slight change in shutter speed…the actual color was somewhere in between these two photos: