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Museum of Glass

This morning before we left Tacoma, we popped over to the Museum of Glass (since it's only about 20 steps from the marina, and wasn't open Monday or Tuesday). The highlight of this place (for me) is usually watching the artists work in the Hot Shop (the glass studio inside that big silver cone-shaped structure):


Looking to the top of the cone from inside:


The artists were working on a vase commissioned by a bank (I forgot which bank) to give to a valued employee. Nice gift!


We wandered through the galleries, and we had two favorite things: (1) these glass "stones" by artist Meg Holgate in the exhibition called "Coastal Alchemy":


As someone who often picks up shiny rocks at the water's edge, I was super into these. It's good that they were under glass, because I REALLY wanted to touch them!



The other thing we loved was this exhibit called "Kids Design Glass Too" where kids made the designs, and then the glass artists realized those drawings for them:



Kind of perfect, aren't they? (I wish I'd have photographed one or two of the drawings, but they looked JUST LIKE the sculptures.) 🙂


It was a fun, quick, museum stop before we headed south to the Narrows.