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Jarrell Cove State Marine Park


After we left Allyn, WA, we headed for Jarrell Cove on Harstine Island, with an ETA of about 5pm. 

So, let's talk about this island. I'd been writing it "Hartstene" when emailing with friends, but then on the chart I noticed it said "Harstine". Oops. My bad. So Harstine it is. Wonder how that happened!? Then today, on one chart (the Garmin on the boat) it says Harstine and on the other chart (on the iPad) it says Hartstene. When Kevin checked us in with a photo earlier, it pegged us at Hartstene Island. But when I looked something else up, it was Harstine Island. WTF? I Googled it, and look what I found on its Wikipedia Page:

"For most of the island's history, there wasn't a single standard spelling of its name. Even today, several different spellings are used.

"Of the several possible ways to spell the name of the island, Hartstene and Harstine are the most used and most popular. Both have been used nearly interchangeably in many published references including Wikipedia, and ( Alternate spellings of the name include Hartstene, Harsteen, Harstein, Harstene, Hartstein and Harstine. In 1997 Washington State Legislative action resulted in the name officially becoming Harstine Island."

So there it is. The reason for my confusion is clear.

Anyway, tonight we're moored at Jarrell Cove State Marine Park and it's lovely. There's no one here but us. We walked up the dock to register and explored the campground and cove a bit:




The campground is empty, but there are some gorgeous spots up there!


We got back to the boat and decided the weather was nice enough for a glass of prosecco and some cheese on the top deck. I made the cheese board while Kevin set up the chairs. Awwwwww, would you look at that! 


View across the cove:


Oh yeah, and check out this cool boat over at the marina that we passed on the way in (Jarrell's Cove Marina, only open Memorial Day to Labor Day):


And here's our route from today (35.2 nautical miles):



  1. Elaine Williams Elaine Williams

    I love every single one of these photos. I can’t believe how still the water is, and I love the sand dollars. Are these “raw” photos, or do you use filters? They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Elaine! I’ve tweaked a little on some of them, and others are straight from camera (but I don’t shoot RAW then either…so they’re all at some level, processed jpegs even when straight from camera). That first one though?? That one is straight from my iPhone 6, no filters. I’m in love with that photo. 🙂

  2. Elaine Williams Elaine Williams

    Do you photograph for a living? I love the pictures you are doing. I especially love the one of the loaded cargo ship from Panama. When you come back to Seattle, please give us a call so we can meet for coffee or oysters or wine. We are settled, sort of, into an apartment in Queen Anne. We’ll bring our Airstream here in June. Do you still have yours?

    • I do, Elaine. ( Thank you! We will be back in Seattle on Friday, staying at the Bell Harbor Marina through Monday or Tuesday. Our social calendar is pretty packed (!!!), but we might have some time on Friday evening or Monday evening. We do still have our Airstream…it’s just sitting tight while we do this whole boat thing for a bit! 🙂

      • Elaine Williams Elaine Williams

        Maybe we can catch you on another visit. My husband has a business meeting in Phoenix this weekend. Enjoy your time on the water and at the marina.

        • When is he back? We might end up staying longer than our present reservations. I can let you know if we do…

          • Elaine Williams Elaine Williams

            He returns Monday. Tuesday the 17th would work if you are still in Seattle.

          • Okay Great! We’ll let you know (and I’ll pencil it onto the calendar…) 🙂

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