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Breakfast and Morning Hike at Alderbrook

After breakfast we set out to hike ALL the trails. There are over 3 miles of trails here at Alderbrook, and they're beautiful…hilly, green, forest, streams, birds, ferns, squirrels….it was a great hike! 



Not today:


But, this:


And we learned some stuff along the way:


These guys REALLY wanted a house with a view, I guess.


Walking back to the boat at low tide today (underwater).


There are SO many oysters (most not in bags) here on this beach.


I just did some research on the public oyster beaches in Hood Canal where the season is open, and there are a bunch of them that are open! Hmmmmm.

There's a mixology class up at the lodge this evening I think we're going to attend (you know, to learn some more stuff), and then I think it's dinner on the boat and an early start tomorrow back north up the canal. We may stop at Quilcene or Dabob and give the oyster harvesting a shot. 


  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    I can’t imagine bashing through short steep chop like that! I tend to have to steer up and around and along each wave face, and its exhausting.

  2. It’s like the wipers are TRYING to be nausea-inducing. Oy. Reminds me a bit of the nested concentric circles on my old sub’s helm’s compass. Only time I ever got sea-sick… exiting Chesapeake Bay before a hurricane, watching that damn compass in the dark while steering us out.

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