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This Morning in Blakely Harbor


This morning was soft and pink and quiet in Blakely Harbor, with a beautiful view of downtown Seattle:


We worked there until just after noon and then pulled up anchor and headed up to Winslow (Eagle Harbor, one harbor north of Blakely) for some fish & chips at the Harbor Public House, a stop at the market, and now, more work. The fish & chips were very good, but not as good as the Bandon Fish House's fish & chips. We had a pint of Sound Poundage Porter from the Sound Brewery in Poulsbo, which was fabulous!

It was only a half hour cruise up the east coast of Bainbridge Island. Here is our route, on a larger map, so you can see where we are in relation to Seattle:


Tomorrow: Seattle … Elliott Bay!


  1. Betty Betty

    Thanks for the tour! Seattle is hands’ down my favorite city and I welcome any way to get back there (so to speak)!

  2. Beth Beth

    Pike Street Market is a nice stroll up the hill and the produce and salmon are so fresh!

    • Been once already, and plan to make another visit tomorrow (and maybe one more before leaving on Monday!) Picked up a Dungeness crab and a dozen oysters yesterday (along with a bunch of fresh produce). All so good!

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