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Sucia Island from the Quadcopter

Kevin took his quadcopter up from a couple spots on Sucia Island yesterday morning. What a gorgeous place this is! 


  1. Joanne Joanne

    Laura, I think that duck is a Bufflehead. I’d recommend the iBird Plus app — it has a great search feature where you can narrow down identification based on location and physical attributes. Love your blog! Thank you for posting all the details of your travels!

    • Thanks Joanne! I’ll check out that app.
      So glad you like the blog! 🙂

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Saw your route, but do beware that a NW wind against a fast ebb tide can easily make
    Admiralty an unpleasant proposition. You are aware of the Port Townsend Inlet south of Marrowstone Island? Narrow but charted, you will scoot thru it on an ebb if westbound.

    • Thanks Kevin! Admiralty was calm that day, and yes we do know about that channel…good to know it’s a solid option!

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