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Some Interior Photos of Airship

I wanted to wait a little until I got some of our own stuff in Airship to take and show you interior photos, but that's going a little slow since the boat is in Anacortes and it's a little harder to try things out to see what works. The Nespresso maker works though. Here's a photo of it:


The stovetop (and convection microwave below it, just out of frame) is being replaced this week with a Force 10 propane stove/oven. 

So, as you enter from the aft cockpit through this door, you've got the L-shaped salon/dinette on your starboard side (it makes into a double bed), and the L-shaped galley on the port side.


The interior wood is all sapele. I'd never heard of sapele (pronounced suh-PEE-lee) until we looked at Nordic Tugs. Sapele is a member of the mahogany family (often used in making musical instruments) and it's just gorgeous. (None of this woodwork is veneer, either. The cabinetry and finish work is fantastic in this boat!)

The upholstery is Ultraleather in the color "whiskey". 


All the stairs have little red lights for use at night (so you don't wreck your night vision if you're underway after dark, but it creates a nice ambient light while watching a movie, too).


A few steps up from the salon gets you into the very comfortable pilot house:


Another shot of the navionics:


There's great visibility from the pilot house…almost a 360 degree view! Both seats move forward (with their sapele footrests attached) for comfortable seating while underway. The windows behind the seats open for fresh air (as do the side doors and side windows) and it makes for a fantastic spot to hang out while cruising.


A few steps forward and down from the pilot house gets you to the head on the starboard side, and the master stateroom in the bow of the boat.

Looking up toward the pilot house from the hallway:


This is the head. (I borrowed this photo from the listing on the boat…I've added different towels, and a dark blue plush bath rug over the cork in front of the sink). It's super roomy for a boat head:


The master stateroom has a queen sized (almost walk around) bed, and a couple of closets and some drawers for storage. The "almost walk around" is that there are little carpeted steps leading up on either side of the bed. I haven't taken many photos in here yet because I want to work out the bedding first. Here's my closet, and the open port light above it:


I think I mentioned before that the boat came mostly outfitted (dishes, pots and pans, flatware, utensils, wine glasses, life jackets, tools, etc.), which is really nice! We can take our time deciding what else we want/need as we live with the stuff that's already there — it's been great. 

So far, we've added some Turkish towels (really nice, but also thin so they dry quickly), pillows, a large countertop cutting board, additional plates (ceramic ones, to go along with the non-slip melamine yachty ones the boat came with), a nice omelet pan, a new kitchen rug, the cute anchor doormat, some Falconware bowls and baking pans (the white ones with the blue stripe), and today I took a trip to The Container Store in Portland to pick up some fridge bins, a couple of bamboo cutlery trays, a smaller trash can for the head, cord tamers…you know…stuff like that.

How cute are these rugby striped bins?


Anyway, thought I'd share a few interior photos with you guys (finally! I know!). I'll take more once we're back on the boat. Should be soon!

This week Airship is getting two 160 watt solar panels installed on the roof of the pilot house, a 2800 watt inverter, the new propane stove/oven, two more Lifeline AGM house batteries, the internet machine (Moovbox, we'll tell you all about it once we play with it a little bit), and a Frigibar deck top fridge/freezer (it can be either/or with the turn of a dial). The fridge in Airship is a 4.3 liter unit, which is only .1 liter more than the small fridge we had in our first Airstream. I remembered never being able to fit enough produce in that one, so we added this deck top fridge/freezer as part of our purchase. After living on the boat for a week, I know that we'll end up using the decktop unit as a freezer most of the time, because the freezer in this little 4.3 liter unit is TINY (and the fridge part is actually quite spacious). The deck top unit will be topped with a attached white seat cushion, so it'll double as bench seating. Should be great! 

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour. More to come!


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