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Skull Island, in Massacre Bay


In honor of the upcoming spooky holiday (and due to the fact that the weather cleared up substantially) we decided we'd head to Skull Island for the night. Skull Island is a small island in Massacre Bay (I know!!) in the west sound of Orcas Island. It's a state park…no mooring buoys or docks here so we anchored for the first time on our own. Seems to have worked! (Also, there are tons of little white jellyfish here!)


Skull Island got its name (as did Massacre Bay, and nearby Victim Island) from the 1858 massacre wherein a band of Native American Lummi were attacked (while fishing from Skull Island and Victim Island–probably not known by those names yet) and killed by some Haida natives from Southeast Alaska. The victims' skulls and bones were found on Skull Island, hence the name. 

Ferry passing us on the way over:


Coming into West Sound:


And this is the view from where I'm prepping dinner right now:


Pretty nice! We've got Drag Queen set up to monitor our position relative to the anchor, as well as our visual landmarks we'll keep watching until it gets dark, but I think we're good. 

I think I'll make us a Manhattan to sip while the sun goes down and we make dinner. On the menu tonight: tenderloins, rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes, and a salad. So old school! 🙂

Massacre Bay view from the top deck of Airship, with Manhattan (and some pickled herring):



And here's our track from this afternoon (click image to enlarge):



  1. This looks like another area ripe for RV crossover: those Seattle Boat Company chairs would work great with our Airstream. I’m still wondering if that stove would fit 🙂

    • Michael — the chairs would be perfect with an RV (and would take up less room than the clunky but super comfortable ones we already have for our Airstream).
      And I bet the stove would fit…probably even the three-burner version! 🙂

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