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Hiking Around Sucia Island


We took the dinghy ashore and did some hiking and exploring around Sucia Island today. First we headed over to Shallow Bay. Great rock formations:




This tree looked like it was standing upright (about 8' high) on the shore over at Shallow Bay, but it was covered in barnacles…which made no sense. I think it must have been some driftwood that turned a way to make it look like a shore-growing tree:


Here's a map of our route. We started at the green circle (as soon as we got to shore), headed to Shallow Bay, then around Mud Bay, to Snoring Bay, and out to Johnson Point:


Hiking trails:


Passing Airship (the furthest boat) on the way back out to Snoring Bay:


Nice bark:


Approaching Snoring Bay (this might still be Mud Bay, but look how Fall it is!)


Snoring bay, two mooring buoys, one boat:


After Snoring Bay we hiked on toward Johnson Point (the rocky formation on the left in the above photo). Here's Kevin, working on the trail (hey, gotta take the cell reception where you can get it!):


Cute little (dead, empty shell) crab we found on the shore. I call this shot: Zombie Fighting Crab.


One of the 60 campsites on Sucia Island (wait, this might be a picnic spot, but dude, the campsites all look like this, so whatever):


Airship from the shore:


We got back to the boat and worked all afternoon and evening (with a spritz break on the top deck at sunset to watch seals, otters, seagulls, and crows). Dinner was grilled salmon and sauteed asparagus…simple but good.

Tomorrow I think we'll head over to Stuart Island (after a morning hike to China Caves, which we hear is worth seeing before we leave Sucia).