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Springtime in Portland

This is the park that's 30 seconds from our house in Portland (and basically what our "yard" looks like). We're really enjoying the spring (feeling like summer) in Portland this month. Bike rides, hikes, grilling outside on our deck…we love all of it! (And yet, I'm still so excited about being out in the Airstream again in a week or so!)

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Since we returned home from Italy (a week ago??) we have started 3x/week morning spinning classes (at Revocycle in Portland) and plan to continue doing our morning hike (3.5-4 miles) in the Arboretum on the days we don't spin. The hike is such a good way to start the day before settling in to work, and the spinning should just help contribute to our overall cycling shape and fitness. And while the weather's nice in the Pacific Northwest, it's best to take full advantage of the outdoor time!