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Sea Beans and Scallops

In our CSA box of veggies this week we got a little 4oz bag of sea beans. I've never cooked these before but they were great…a little salty like a seaweed. I sauteed them in some olive oil and garlic and served them with some black rice and seared scallops.


I tried one raw and it was crunchy and good. I think next time I might just do a quick blanche and then toss them into a salad or something.

We're heading out to Champoeg and the Willamette Valley next week for some camping, and then right after the 4th of July we'll be heading north to Port Townsend, Lummi Island, Bellingham, Vancouver Island, and then meeting up with a bunch of Airstreamers for another Aluminogan at Leigh & Brian's place. Looking forward to all of it!