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Tonight in Ashland

Our campsite here at Emigrant Lake:


After we got settled in our campsite we decided that we wanted to go into town for dinner instead of cooking. We did a little Yelp research and decided on a spot called Amuse. Kevin was reading about the chef, telling me he had lived in Calistoga for a bit, which restaurants he worked, etc. Then:

Kevin:  "Hey, the pastry chef — the chef's wife — while they lived in Calistoga, was the pastry chef at The French Laundry."

Me:  "Well then I guess we're having dessert."

We got an 8pm reservation and it was a lovely little restaurant in downtown Ashland. The food was great and we'd definitely go back. Highlights: asparagus salad and sweetbreads starters, and the beignets for dessert. The beignets were light and hollow and fluffy…more eggy and almost custardy like popovers and they were fabulous. I'd go back just for those. 

Another shot of our campsite from the upper row as we were leaving for dinner:


Hope you all have a great weekend!