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South Falls, Silver Falls State Park

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Yesterday (during the only, very short break in the rain) we hiked from our campsite over to South Falls. Still beautiful.

We went into town (Silverton) last night and had a little Valentine's Day dinner at the Silver Grille. It was quite nice. They did a several course prix fixe menu and it was all good. Early reservations (6pm) and then we came back to the Airstream and watched three episodes of House of Cards (the finale from last season, to refresh, and the first two episodes of Season Two). Whoa!! 

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day! We're looking at a bunch more rain and maybe some snow here over the weekend, so we'll probably do a bit more rainy waterfall exploring and some House of Cards watching. I've got baked eggs in the oven right now for breakfast (with baby shitakes, kale, chipotle cheddar, and sausage), and the espresso machine is working. Happy Saturday morning everyone!