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Another Snow Day!

(I know, "Yawn" from all you people in the North/Northeast…sorry. It's rare here in Portland.) 🙂

The road inside the arboretum where we hike most mornings:


We went on our  hike before breakfast today — four and a half miles this time (in my Bogs!). The main road from our house to the park is all snowy and has hardly any traffic right now, so we've been just walking down to the trailhead straight from the house. (Usually it's a bit dangerous to walk…no sidewalk, and you have to walk in a ditch right next to fast-moving traffic, so we normally drive the 30 seconds down the hill.) 

This is our driveway yesterday (there has been another 4 or 5 inches of snow since then):


It snowed during most our hike today but we were bundled up and it was not annoying, just pretty: 


There were a few people on the trail…dog walking, running, snowshoeing, skiing, sledding…we're so glad we live so close to this beautiful place!

Snowy branches:


Me being arty in the front yard:




After our hike we put the chains on the truck and headed down the hill (driveway was pretty squirrely) to get some brunch and some groceries.

Besaw's down on NW 23rd was bustling and cozy:


Heading back up the hill to our house:


We're all stocked up with groceries now (more snow and ice on the way) and Kevin's reading up on sous vide techniques for the various proteins we picked up at the store, so we'll keep ourselves busy cooking, reading, watching movies, and probably another hike in the snow tomorrow morning. Love it!