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Our New Favorite Oyster

Apparently, even though these are a relatively "new" oyster they've been around a few years and we're slightly late to the party, but whatever, we're here now and we'd like some of that there champagne punch, please!


These are called Shigoku oysters, and they come from Taylor Shellfish Farms in Washington. Taylor began farming them in 2009, growing the oysters in floating bags like many Pacific oysters, but these are attached to stationary lines and floats that rise and fall with the tides. The result is that the oysters get tumbled twice a day. This low-energy, low-maintenance technique (a variation on British Columbia’s more labor-intensive Kusshi) continuously chips off the oysters’ growing edge and forces them to “cup up,” getting scoop-shaped and pushing against the limits of their shell as they grow.

They are small, with a deep scoop shell and flat "lid" and are quite easy to shuck. They have a light clean flavor of cucumber and salt, and we love them. 

I always experiment with my mignonette sauces. Here are a couple of base recipes I remember:

1. Champagne vinegar, champagne or prosecco, fresh ground pepper, finely diced shallots.
2. Some kind of good vinegar, a splash of vodka, fresh ground pepper, and a dash of Tiffani's kumquat bitters (like a cocktail for your oyster!)