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More on the Remodeling Project

You may have noticed we've been a bit behind on our blogging these days. I know I mentioned before that we're at home right now doing a very big remodel project on (mostly) the exterior of our home (trying to make it as cool as our Airstream). It's going well! I'm waiting to take the final photos after we've got all the Ts crossed and such, but for now, here are a couple details:

Aluminum, backlit house numbers on cedar:


New dwarf maple in planter by the front door (it's called a Sharp's Pygmy, cultivated in Oregon in the 1980s):


Downstairs office windows:


Deck railing, lit with LED strip embedded in a groove in the cedar handrail:


Plants (the tall, skinny, Seuss tree is a sequoia that our contractor gave us, and I love it!):


I really love this whole remodeling thing and will be sad to see everyone move on to their next job. We have the most amazing team, and after about three months of 6 days a week they really feel like family. Plus, I love the sound of progress (and chop saws, and blowers, and pressure washers, and cement trucks) around here! 

More photos as more things are finished! 


  1. Warren Tarpey Warren Tarpey

    Looking great ,can’t wait to see more photo’s, tell me the last photo of the plant’s,how do you get such a long photo, I have noticed this with a lot of your shot’s,I would say a good camera,yes.
    Keep up the good work. Warren & Robyn.

  2. rlandis rlandis

    What a trip…..I’m tempted to book the same trip (without the folding bikes), and follow in your footsteps.\Ciao

  3. Susan Susan

    What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing.

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