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Fall in Portland

I love Fall. Here are a few snaps from our daily hike in the arboretum:


The Redwood trail:


Japanese Maple (Sango kaku):


Underneath the Sugar Maple:


This is one of my favorite times of year in Portland. We were in the Florida Keys this time last year. Remember?

We're making great progress on the exterior house remodel. I can't wait to show you guys the before/after photos! We're lucky that we had a pretty good starting point, but whoa…it's going to be like a whole different house on the outside! 

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  1. Hi Laura – my husband and I are currently in Bozeman and plan to travel through Oregon in early November, stopping in Portland for a day or two or three. We are exploring the idea of “trading” our bus for an Airstream and truck. I’m curious to meet with you and get your insights on living in an Airstream and other topics related to full-time travel. We started our travels in June of this year. Please send me a direct email if you’d like to connect in person. I’m at 4jcallahan (at) gmail.

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