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  1. Stephanie Stephanie

    So inspiring and what a wonderful life for that young child! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Ayesha Ayesha

    I absolutely love this!

  3. Julie Julie

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring and emotionally moving film! Creative people living, loving and learning out of the box. We have raised our four children and still have a brick and mortar home but now travel adventurously in our Airstream a couple of months a year, absolute heaven! Julie from Iowa

  4. Great film, great storytelling!

  5. Lisa B Lisa B

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful film, that captures so perfectly the joys of life on the road with a small child. As I was watching, I was flooded with memories of our time living in our Airstream with Simon. Our next adventure will be home-schooling (or, trailer-schooling) him for another year as we travel– I’m excited to start moving again!

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