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Ten Pound Door Latch


I never think to get a photo of the chaos until it's too late. Several times over the past few months we've pulled off somewhere to grab lunch or get something out of the Airstream only to find that a cupboard has come open and there's a huge mess all over the floor.

Not that long ago we were driving along the Oregon Coast and while stopped at a scenic viewpoint, we opened up the Airstream to find that the spice cupboard over the fridge had popped open during our drive and most of the contents were now all over the floor of the Airstream. Additionally, a small bottle of lemon olive oil that we'd picked up at a farm in Paso Robles had broken and dumped itself all over the floor, mostly in the kitchen (and luckily it was a mild, pleasant smelling oil, and not something like toasted sesame oil). We quickly cleaned it up and put everything back and then thought "dangit, we should have taken a photo!"

The cupboard above the microwave has now opened twice during towing, and both times it's been a bit of a catastrophe (and still, no photos!)

The most recent time was just last month on the Olympic Peninsula…walnut oil, truffle salt, broken glass, rugs all soaked in oil (see previous post).

So I did a little research and found the cupboard latch that we have. There are two flavors: a 5lb latch and a 10lb latch. I figured either we had a 5lb latch and we needed a 10lb latch, or our 10lb latch after three years had worn down and become a 5lb latch (or less!), so I ordered a 10lb latch and installed it as soon as it arrived.

Opening and closing the cabinet definitely requires a bit more oomph now, but I'm hoping this will hold us for a bit. 

Eleven bucks well spent! (Get yours here.)