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Airstream Style: Lotus Grill


I just read about this sweet new grill and thought I'd share it with you. It's called the Lotus Grill, designed in Australia. It apparently it uses 90 percent less charcoal, reduces cooking time significantly, is dishwasher safe, and designed to drain off grease, making it a very healthy outdoor cooking option.

It's got a nice travel case, and comes in several fun colors, too (red, orange, yellow, purple, green, and black).


We're super happy with our Traeger, but this looks really great as a compact alternative. Check out their snazzy little video:

Their website is here. Regular grill is $299AUS (about $275 US) and the Extra Large XL grill is $499AUS (about $460 US). Not cheap, but not really that far outside the range of high tech well-designed grills that will (hopefully) last longer than a couple of camping seasons.