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Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson, WA


Yesterday our friend Sharyn (and her fluffy dog Astro, too) visited our campsite and we took a late break and headed over to Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson for some late lunch/early dinner (and beer, of course).

Walking Man has some good craft beer with funny names like Knuckledragger, Homo Erectus Imperial IPA, Pale Strider, Crosswalk, etc.. I was pretty fond of their Black Cherry Stout yesterday. They had about ten on the menu, and we wanted to try a few. On the menu it said "Can't decide? Try a beer flight." Cool! When I asked how many were in the flight, our waitress replied "All of them!" Okay then! (These glasses are smaller in person than they appear in this photo.)


We ordered some cilantro jalapeno hummus (SO good), a burger, and a Cubano pizza (pulled pork, mustard, pickles) to try and everything was really good. 

The place is popular on the weekends. There's a nice outdoor seating area with hops growing up to the balcony and shaded patio tables. Some people brought their dogs in with them and it was just generally a really chill place to have a beer and a bite on a Sunday afternoon.




Oh yeah, and here's Astro by the fire:


So fluffy!!! Astro is one year old. He's a Golden Doodle (mixed with a mythical cartoon creature). He's awesome.