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Rainy, windy, sunny. Rainy, windy, sunny

The weather is totally fickle today. It'll be completely gray and raining, and then all of a sudden: sunny!! Then, super windy, the rain starts again, repeat. So here are a few interior shots I'm adding to our "Look Inside" album. Thought I'd put 'em here in a post, too.



We took the trail and hiked down to the recycling center a little bit ago. See how nice this trail is? It's only about a mile roundtrip…downhill there and uphill back. 


Pretty mellow here at Stub Stewart again today…nice place to be getting a ton of work done!


Oh wait, now it's sunny:



  1. amy amy

    What do you do with all the kitchen nick-nacks when you’re moving? How about your clock and hanging pictures? I’m imagining throwing it all in a box and putting it on the bed or something ….

  2. Hi Amy,
    The clock and hanging pictures are attached to the wall so that they don’t come off or move so they stay put. The espresso maker goes in the sink, the coffee pod holder goes in the microwave, the next-to-the-stove box with salt/pepper/oil goes in the cupboard, the soap and the vase (if there is one) go in the sink. It’s all pretty quick and easy. Also, the orchid goes in the sink. 🙂

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