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Details About Some of Our Interior Improvements

We've been busy organizing and streamlining this week while working out at Champoeg Park. Thought I'd just share a few of the details. 

I know I mentioned before, new pillows. Still really loving the extra brightness these bring to the interior of the Airstream:


(Leaf patterned pillows from Jo, and tangerine ladder quilted pillow covers from Barbara, both found via Etsy.)

We got a new cutting board…a dark walnut Boos Block. The striped one was cool but I'd been eying this one for a while and thought it would look a bit more elegant. I think it does.


It's got a cool shape, and some sturdy, non-slip legs. Here's a macro side-view:


I picked up two of these melamine trays from The Container Store and used a little museum putty to keep them in place on our nightstands. That way if we leave small things on the nightstand they have a better chance of staying put. Also, a magnetic pencil/pen holder that I bought for our home office that didn't work is now a remote holder, attached to the wall with 3M non-damaging hanging strips


I picked up a compact broom/dustpan combo (also from The Container Store) that I could hang on the inside of the closet door. I like this model because the broom part is contained inside the dustbin.


This was the smallest tool/broom hanger I could find and it works great (also attached with the same, removable non-destructive 3M strips):


The closet!! We're really happy with the improvements we made there. I also picked up a couple of white mesh baskets from The Container Store (are you sensing a theme here??) that fit the space perfectly. The basket on top of the closet shelf is an Elfa Narrow Mesh 2-Runner and goes all the way to the back of the closet:


And I picked up two Elfa X-Narrow Mesh 2-Runners for the closet shelves to hold socks and underwear:


Kevin's still organizing the communications/entertainment cabinet and once he's got that how he wants it, I'll include a photo.

Oh yeah, in the checkout line at The Container Store I found this:


It's 3.5" in diameter and has suction cups on the back of it. I originally thought I'd put it back in the bedroom on the wood by the mirror, but it fell off a couple times, so I moved it to the kitchen. 

Time to spend a little time on the exterior now! Walberninze!