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Experimenting with the New Camera

I'm loving my new Fuji X100. I've been experimenting with it the past few days and it seems to do well in every situation.

We tried to go see Argo at the Living Room Theater the other night but the only seats left were in the front row, so we walked down and had dinner at Saucebox instead:

Xmas_2012-1(1/60th at f2.0 ISO 1250, no flash, auto)

Condensation on the bathroom window after a shower:

Xmas_2012-3(1/280th at f5, ISO 400, no flash, auto)

Orchid closeup:

Xmas_2012-2(1/80th at f.2.2, ISO 200, no flash, auto)

We're working on a loose plan for our next Airstream outing. It's rained most of the days we've been home. While we were gone, Autumn happened and so now wet leaves are everywhere. We haven't had even one dry day to get out the leaf blower and so….wet leaves are still everywhere.