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We’re in Amarillo

We're staying at the Oasis RV Resort just outside of Amarillo, TX. In the corner of the park there's this giant conglomeration of billboard sign structure with no signage on it. Love it.


Here's the overall view of the Oasis RV Park from the entrance:


Concrete for ages. All spots are huge, and all sites are "Guaranteed Level!" Here's the view from our door:


And here we are:


Cadillac Ranch is just down the road from us:


And here's the RV park's nod to their neighbors:


We went into town to run a few errands (lunch, gas, car wash, Office Depot, Home Depot, more bourbon…). I dug the retro/cool architecture of the liquor store here:


And this address signage nearby was sweet as well:


Speaking of signage, I snapped this shot before we left Dumas this morning. This is the sign I saw when we were coming into town last night, so we went back to get it in the daylight. Turns out, it was cooler at night with the lights and stuff, but it's still kinda cool. I particularly liked the "Inkslinger" part. 


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  1. Sheila Bates Sheila Bates

    I am so jealous! hugs 🙂

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