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Farmers Market, Tabor Opera House, and Cowboy Mounted Shooting

This morning we headed into town to check out the last Saturday Farmers Market of the summer. It was quite small, but we picked up some nice tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, and a box of raspberries.


We put our produce in the car and went to check out the self-guided tour of the Tabor Opera House



From their website:  "The Tabor Opera House was built in 1879 by Horace Austin Warner Tabor, one of Colorado's most well known mining magnates. It was one of the most costly and most substantially-built structures in Colorado history."

We got to wander through the place at our leisure after watching an interesting short video about the theater's history. 


Much more information about the Tabor Opera House, its history, and renovation is here on their website.

On the way to town from our campground for the past couple of days we'd been noticing an accumulation of horse trailers over at the Lake County Fairgrounds. This morning when we drove past there were a bunch of horses in the arena and what looked like the setup for some cowboy mounted shooting. (!!!) We headed there next and sure enough, it was our lucky day. We hung out for a couple hours watching the shoot and it was a blast…such an exciting sport to watch. I took a bunch of photos…here are a few of my favorite ones:









This is Kevin Perry (I know because while I was researching the event, I found him on the Colorado Mounted Thunder website):



Kevin's horse kept nuzzling and nudging his arm while he was trying to reload.


It was such a fun time. There's more tomorrow so we may go back. 

We headed back to the Pastime Saloon for a beer and some hot wings for a late lunch and this time Jerry (the owner) waited on us. She's been tending bar at the Pastime for 36 years this October 1st and she was super sweet. She greeted us with "Have you been in before?" and I said yes, we'd actually been in last night. She said "I thought I recognized you! I think I waited on you. Nice to have you back." (She didn't wait on us…I never saw her before, and I heard her say the same thing to other customers). So sweet though…she was wonderful. There are two large oval portraits above the liquor bottles behind the bar: one is of her husband and the other is of her (both taken many years ago). They're lovely. (The burgers last night were better than the wings today, but it was all still good.)

Oh yeah, here's a little video Kevin took at the shoot today:

Now we're sipping a martini with three olives, Kevin's got a pork tenderloin on the Traeger, the storm has passed and it's a gorgeous evening. Happy Saturday everyone!