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Hanging Out on the River Walk

After our delicious chicken fried steak lunch yesterday we headed down to the River Walk for a little touristing. Shirley treated us to a river boat ride that was such a blast! Not normally a fan of the cheesy tour guide schtick (or tour guides, for that matter), we LOVED our tour guide, Juan. He was awesome and funny and managed to keep his spiel fresh and actually funny.







The boat ride is about 8 bucks, 35 minutes, and totally worth it. After our river boat ride, we got a nice riverside table at Casa Rio and had margaritas. After margaritas we took a nice walk down the river and over a couple bridges before we headed home.

A perfect afternoon/evening!

(Before going to the "real River Walk" we stopped at newest part of the River Walk up near the old Pearl Brewery. Not much going on up there yet, but nice that they've expanded the "blinky light potential." I liked this stairway crawling up the side of one of the buildings…)