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I-84 through the Columbia Gorge


I-84 through the Gorge

We got an early start packing and loading this morning, but then a late start getting outta town. We stopped for lunch, picked up a few last minute things on our way out, got gas, and then once we got to the Airstream we decided to do a little organizing and removed a bunch of things we weren't going to need. Kevin filled all the tires and checked the torque on the lugs while I put our stuff away in the Airstream (clothes, food, etc.). We pulled out around 4pm. 


Multnomah Falls from the road 

Wind turbines

We're now at, well, we're near Pendleton at (don't laugh) the Wildhorse Resort (& Casino!!) (you laughed). We were going to drive on for about 20 more miles and stop for the night at Emigrant Springs State Park, but we figured this parking lot here was mostly empty, pretty quiet, and free. We had a little dinner (a bowl of chocolate chili I made yesterday and a salad) and then we went for a good walk. We checked out the casino (air conditioned but super smoky!), the movie theater, and the official RV park (it was dark, but it seemed nice, and they have a teepee village). It was 99 degrees along our way today, and low 80s when we pulled in, but it's cooled off now and it's lovely.



We'll get an early start tomorrow and see how far we can get!