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Dinner at the Herbfarm in Woodinville, WA


Dinner at The Herbfarm last night with Leigh & Brian was wonderful. We got there a little early to do the garden tour, where Carrie talks about the herbs that will be used in tonight's dinner as she passes around samples for everyone to taste or smell.


This one tasted like sweet licorice:


Did you know zucchini flowers have male and female parts?


Leigh and Brian just as we were seated. Look at all those wine glasses! 


Our first course was vegetables picked today from the garden including a basil-mint-zucchini stuffed blossom, rye-seed crumble, baked brassica greens, with a rosemary balsamico. Incredible.


This course (second? third?) was Dungeness crab with shiso, French breakfast radish kimchi and radish sauce, an oyster-chervil raviolo with warm cucumber, kaffir lime butter and Montana paddlefish caviar, and pan-fried mussel & baby artichoke heart on rosemary skewer with mussel-lovage broth:


The cod may have been my favorite dish: hazelnut shell-smoked & slow-roasted black cod with wood-oven roasted chanterelles, savoy cabbage, in a yellow corn sauce.


Of course the iPhone photos don't do these beautiful dishes justice, but I think you get the idea.