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SF to Bodega Bay

So happy to be back here.


We are over at Porto Bodega Marina this time, parked right on the bay. (Looks like sunset with a martini is in our near future, doesn't it?


Just the sounds of seagulls and sea lions. No screaming children. Ahhhh.


The spots are large, with picnic table and fire ring and full hookups. There's plenty of room between spots to set up our chairs, but right on the water seemed ideal (and there's plenty of room for that as well). They have (pay) Wi-Fi if you need it, but we're using our Verizon data card, and we have great AT&T cell coverage here as well. (The shot below is as we were pulling in past the boat docks.)


Before we left San Francisco I pulled off on a side street and snapped a photo of this parking garage I'd been passing each day. I love how the shapes of the openings in the wall form these cool shadows:


Oh and I kinda dug this skyline shot with the Coca-Cola billboard:


As we were coming over the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, I noticed a large structure over on the left and wondered what it was. I consulted my map: San Quentin!! What d'ya know? So I spent the next half hour reading from Wikipedia who all had been in San Quentin (current, and past) out loud to Kevin. Nice on-the-road entertainment, right?


When we were passing through Petaluma again, we opted to stop for another lunch at Bubbaque's BBQ. We pulled onto a side street and Kevin waited while I ran in and got us some lunch. (There's not really any good spot to park or pull over with the Airstream here, but a not-very-busy side street with the hazards on did the trick just fine.)



We had a pulled pork sandwich, a brisket sandwich, and apple sodas, and all was outstanding.

Now we're back to work, but in a MUCH nicer environment. Bye Candlestick Compound!