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Our Neighbor Brought Us Fresh Oysters

Yesterday one of our neighbors went down to Tomales Bay and brought back a large bag of fresh oysters. He gave us a dozen of 'em, and we decided we'd barbecue them on the Traeger. Kevin shucked 'em and kept them in the half shell and we added a splash of olive oil and topped them with a piece of uncooked bacon. Then they went on the Traeger at about 180 degrees for an hour and a half. 


They came out great. They shrunk up a little (which was good, because I prefer small ones over medium) and they didn't dry up at all. Perfect, smoky, yum. (I used up the bacon we had left which meant larger pieces…it was good, but the oysters were better without it. Doing this again I'd use less bacon, or just take it off at the end and chop it up and put it in something else, because the flavor it created while smoking on top of the oyster was GREAT.)

I made us a nice salad, sauteed some broccolini…and served it all with a glass of champagne. Delicious.


It was a beautiful evening…not much wind at all…and we sat outside and watched the sunset. Again.