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Another Trip to Tomales Bay

Took a little lunch break from work today and headed back down to Tomales Bay. We stopped at Nick's Cove and had a delicious lunch. This is the pier out to the Boat Shack where I hear you can call in your order and they'll bring your lunch out to you, but we ended up in the dining room instead this time.



We ordered a starter of deviled duck eggs topped with duck confit bits, and entrees of dungeness crab eggs benedict (with arugula salad, avocado, hollandaise), and prawn tacos (with cabbage, chipotle aioli, avocado puree, and cilantro crema). Portions were good and not too large, and everything was very good. Definitely would go back.


Nick's Cove has an interesting history. They've also got some sweet looking cabins for rent with decks right out on the bay. 

Also, check out this cool Yellow Pages book cover they've got up the bar:


I made myself a little abstract from the cloth ceiling in the dining room by the windows:


After lunch we headed down to Hog Island Oyster Co. to….well….you know….get some more shellfish. Outside they've got a really cool BBQ/raw oyster bar (made out of a boat!) with beer and wine, and then right along the bay there are picnic tables you can reserve (each with its own little barbecue). Pretty great!


We brought home a large bag of small Hog Island Sweetwater oysters, two pounds of Hog Island Manila Clams, and two dozen Hog Island Kumamotos.


I think I'll make a clam linguine tonight with the little manila clams, and maybe we'll have an appetizer of a dozen Kumamotos with a champagne mignonette. Yucky.