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Airstream Photo Studio (Stub Stewart)

We busted out the portable photo studio yesterday for some photo fun. Thought I'd show you a few of the portraits we made. (I really need to do this more often.)










  1. Neat portraits! love that idea.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful~ what kind of camera are you using?!

  3. Hi Kaitlin: Thank you! I’m using a Nikon D700 for these. (Most of the photos on the blog are shots I’ve taken with my iPhone though…I hardly ever break out the “heavy camera” on the road.)

    However, the photos are really not that much about what kind of camera is used. With today’s technology you really just need something that will capture a good amount of data. Most important for portraiture is how you connect with your subject. Next is lighting, and whatever post processing you decide to do. (And somewhere in there it’s about whatever your vision is for the kind of photo you want to end up with.) Lastly (in my opinion) it’s about the camera.

    A photographer once told me this fabulous story about going to a restaurant and having the chef recognize him. The chef told the photographer how much he admired his photographs, and asked what kind of camera he used. This photographer likened that to complimenting the chef on his meals and then asking what kind of pots and pans he used. It was a good analogy. 🙂


  4. Grisel Svejcar Grisel Svejcar

    Great analogy. You definitely have a connection with the subjects! Stunning photos!

  5. Thanks Grisel! I try! 🙂 -L

  6. I really wish I didn’t suck at people pictures. These are so awesome it makes me wanna learn. Those last two people are kinda scary-looking, though, don’tcha think? 😛

  7. Yeah, totally scary! 😛

    And just remember, everyone who is good at people photos now sucked at ’em at some point in the past, right?


  8. Janice Janice

    awesome pics, thanks for sharing!

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