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Loyalty Days and Saturday Market in Ilwaco, WA

Today we thought we'd head back to Jimella & Nanci's for lunch (technically I guess "brunch" since it was breakfast and lunch). We both had a cup of clam chowder and the famous Ark Burger and it was all very good. The chowder was delicious. The burger was solid and very good, but not quite as good/interesting as our food cart burger last week with Kyle at Carte Blanche.

After lunch we headed to the market and to Sportsmen's Cannery to pick up more crab (more crab!!!) and some ingredients for tonight's tacos and mint juleps (Happy Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby Day!).

Then we stopped in Ilwaco to check out their Saturday market and walk around the harbor a bit:







The first weekend is a local festival called "Loyalty Days." I still haven't found anywhere where it says loyalty to what, but from all the flags and red white and blue around, I assume it's loyalty to the country. 🙂  There was a parade (we missed it while we were at lunch, but there's another one tomorrow in Long Beach, apparently), and an oyster feed at the local Elk's Lodge (but we're having more crab instead), and lots of people dressed up in crazy costumes and makeup. Perfectly "small town festival" festive.

(Posted by Laura)