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Fresh Seafood on the Long Beach Peninsula

We drove into Ilwaco and grabbed some fish-n-chips (and shrimp-n-chips) at Imperial Seafood on the waterfront. After lunch we headed over to pick up some fresh crab at the fish market a few doors down. Unfortunately, they are closed until mid-May.


So we drove a little bit North up 101 and found Sportsmen's Cannery and Smokehouse and picked up three freshly cooked crabs (cleaned and cracked), along with some of their in-house canned jalapeno albacore for sandwiches in the future. 

This is a cute little place right along the highway. Kevin said that when he was 8 years old, he and his family came up here from Texas and went salmon fishing and then took all their fish to this same exact place to have it canned. 


Also, here's an arty portrait of a crab that was crawling around in the tank:


We're having fresh crab for dinner tonight, and I believe tomorrow morning Kevin is going to make my favorite breakfast for me: fresh crab, wilted spinach, and poached eggs on an english muffin topped with hollandaise. Sweet!

(Posted by Laura)