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A Bit Further North For a Few Days


We're up in the Seattle area for a few days doing some work and visiting our friends Tiffani and Deke. The drive up yesterday afternoon was crazy rainy, but this morning there's no sign of it. It's sunny and gorgeous. 

When I opened the door of the Airstream this morning I found this little guy on our doormat. Up here in the Pacific Northwest there are TONS of slugs, but I realized it's been ages since I've seen an actual "shell on it and everything" snail. 


Deke and Tiffani whipped up some delicious homemade pizza for dinner last night. This evening we'll head over to West Seattle to Ma'Ono Fried Chicken & Whisky for, well, fried chicken and whisky. Apparently you need to reserve the big chicken ahead of time…that's how popular it is! (Deke and Tiffani took care of that last week!) 🙂 Will report back.

I've got a photo shoot in Ballard tomorrow morning, and then I think we'll head back to camp and cook up a round of baby back ribs on the Traeger for everyone.

(Posted by Laura)