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83 Degrees in Portland

Big news today! It was 83 degrees! Portland really freaks out (in a good way) on the first weekend of hot summery weather, and today was no exception. Everyone sheds their clothing and goes outside and you'd think it was a holiday. It's awesome. 

Today we met up with fellow Airstream blogger and traveler Kyle Bolstad at Champoeg State Park. He's on his way through Oregon and it's great to finally meet in person after a year or so of occasional email and blog following. We'll hang here for a few days and maybe do a little tour guiding something-or-other.

The view from our patio:


Us on the left, Kyle on the right:


And did I mention? OMG. 83 degrees!! I even turned on the AC in the Airstream! 🙂

Right around sunset you could see a huge cluster of dense puffy clouds toward the Northeast. The sunset painted the clouds in pinks and oranges and it looked like a pretty good storm could be happening in there. As soon as it got dark enough, you could see lightning flash every few minutes from those clouds. An occasional low-flying bat, frogs making their cool frog sounds, 70 degrees, and a lightning storm on the horizon. Pretty great.

(Posted by Laura)