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Sushi, Night Owls, and the View from the Hill

We're in San Jose for some work this week without the Airstream (sniff, sniff). We rented a house that has a killer view (you know, of San Jose, so "killer" is probably subjective here).





Last night after our very long orientation on the house we rented (I wish there was a way VRBO could do prescreening…for people who have rented houses many MANY times and in mulitple countries and were versed in the way of houses and renting and locking the front door. You could get feedback from the owners and end up with "This renter has 99.8% positive feedback" so that the landlord/homeowner/property manager didn't think they needed to tell you 14 times how to use the microwave…) Okay where was I? Oh yeah. After we were oriented/disoriented, we went down the hill and found a sushi spot that we will definitely come back to.

Cha Cha Sushi. It's in a little strip mall next to a Lucky supermarket and with their combo Latin/Japanese name, I'm not sure I'd have chosen it off of a list. But wow. Highly recommended. It was 9pm and the place was packed with only one table open. Score!


On our way down the hill we saw a huge owl flying over the winding road, lit up spookily by the streetlights. It was beautiful. Then on the way back up the hill, another (or the same) owl was flying above and in front of our car about 15 feet from us before it veered off toward the right and up the hillside. What a treat. I want to go back down there tonight to see if we can see it again!

(Posted by Laura)