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Snow Peak’s New Tulip Lantern

This new lantern from Snow Peak is pretty cute:



From the Snow Peak website: 

"The Tulip lantern is one of our newest innovations in LED lighting.  We have coupled a super bright 250 Lumen LED bulb with a patented focusing lense that automatically adjust the focus of the lights beam. This beautifully designed light is great for a wide range of uses from a desk top to a hanging outdoor lantern. The snake like stem allows you to bend and point the light in any direction. This versatile light has already become a favorite among many who are looking for a lantern to replace their aging bulky propane lantern."

I also found an earlier version: Hozuki LED Light by Snow Peak, which can be hung from a tree or set on a table like a votive candle (and if you have a computer with you, you can recharge it via USB!). This would have been handy when we backpacked (without computers, of course). (Not that the real flame candle lantern wasn't super romantic while it was raining that whole week on Mt. Rainier. Here's where the Airstream kicks ass.)


(Posted by Laura)