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Novel: Airstreaming

We haven't read this yet, but I thought I'd post a link to what sounds like an interesting (and, well, you know…on topic) new novel by Tom Schabarum:  Airstreaming



Airstreaming refers to the icon of American travel, the Airstream trailer, which conjures up dreams of escape for many people. The trailer becomes a catalyst for three women whose extraordinary circumstances bind them together. Clare, a newly single working mother overcomes her anger for being left alone after her husband’s death. Linda, her daughter, lets go of a father she deeply loved through their shared joy in jazz music, and Martha, a housewife, desperately wants a child to survive the pain of an earlier child she had to give up.

Jack, a strong and complicated man, whose love for his wife Martha, links the three women. He holds on to hope after his wife miscarries by buying an Airstream trailer. His belief that it will change everything blinds him to the reality of his situation. Only Linda ultimately sees the truth, and must confront the other three as each of their worlds change.

Airstreaming is set in Kansas City, the epicenter of be-bop jazz, train travel and commerce in the Midwest during the 1930’s and 1950’s. The story begins in the early 1970’s, and uses the declining 18th and Vine Jazz District, Union Station and West Bottoms stockyards, as its backdrop.

Ultimately, everyone must choose what to leave behind. Compromise and reconciliation at the novel’s conclusion finds Linda buoyed by hope, and a life yet to be lived on the open road.

Available for only $3.99 for your Kindle (or Kindle app on iPad, which is what I do). Worth a shot! 

The author's website is here, if you want to check him out further. 

(Posted by Laura)