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Little by Little Getting Rid of the Brown

Someday we'd love to replace the surfaces in the Airstream with something a little less…um…tan. Mostly you get away from all the brown and tan when buying an Airstream in the first place, but with ours, the sofa and dinette cushions were brown, and the countertops are a fake aggregate veneer on top of particleboard, in browns and tans. Even with all the windows and bright shiny metal, it still felt too dark in here and pretty quickly we replaced the fabric on the sofa and dinette cushions. We did them in a silver combination of recycled leather and environmentally-friendly backing and we love 'em now. (Not too disco at all…like Kevin was afraid it might be.)

Anyway, this is one of those things we'll do when we have a spare $2500 or so. But it's fun to think about and plan for the future. 

We decided on a Corian called Silver Birch. Here it is on top of the table so you can compare:


And here it is on top of the sofa. Looks pretty good doesn't it?


Note: Here's a detail snap from when we first got the trailer that shows the brown upholstery (behind those pillows I was trying desperately to use as distraction):


(Posted by Laura)