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From Champoeg to Silver Falls State Park


Today we headed for Silver Falls State Park, outside of Silverton, Oregon. It snowed and slushed and sleeted this morning at Champoeg, and just as we were thinking about packing things up to head out, it cleared and our drive to Silver Falls was so pretty. Apparently overnight they got a bunch of snow.



We're almost there, and the road was still looking pretty good. Mostly the snow was melting off of the trees and just blapping onto our truck as we drove in.


We got to the campground and the loop that was open had been plowed, and there were maybe 5 spots that had been plowed as well. No one here but us and the hosts.


We chose this spot:


I made us some lunch while Kevin prepped some baby back ribs to go on the Traeger.


Yes, in the snow…we are cooking ribs. 

I'll probably make some kale and some sweet potatoes to go with 'em. Kevin's out flying the hexacopter over our setup to get some more aerial video, and I'm sure he'll be posting that later on (I just saw it fly over the back skylight!), as well as info about his super special best-I've-ever-had ribs recipe.

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Kim Kim

    I think you might be parked in the spot we were in two weekends ago 🙂 That’s our favorite local place to camp. We usually like to park under the trees, but knew the melting snow hitting the AS would keep us awake 🙂 We had about six inches when we were there, but looks like you had even more! Isn’t it peaceful to be in the AS when it’s snowing out!

    We found another great Campground just outside of Stevenson, Wa last weekend called Timberlake…have you guys been there? It’s a privately owned campground but quite nice and away from the noise and traffic in the gorge!

  2. Hi Kim,
    We’re in Spot 18 (it was the only one paved when we got here besides a couple right in front of the cabins). So lovely! The snow’s mostly gone now and it’s just rain rain rain, but we got a nice hike in yesterday so all is good.
    We have not been to Timberlake, but saw your post and it looks great! We’ll definitely try it out…thanks for the tip! 🙂

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