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Bedding Changeup

I changed the bedding on the Airstream bed. Again. The yellow/black/gray/white set we had was great but I have been wanting a change. I had started bringing our quilt from home because it was a warmer color, and not quite as "springy" in its color palette. It's a shiny champagne silky thing, and looked great back there. Not as graphic, but "accentuatable" with cool pillows. And we all know how much I love accentuating with pillows. 

Anyway, bringing our bedding from home and toting it back and forth was not ideal, and I recently found this silvery lotus quilt that I really like. 


I added a Marimekko Joonas pillow, and a black/white embroidered one from Blissliving (and threw the Ikea striped throw on there to see how that worked). I'm still missing one pillow that hasn't arrived yet: this orange lotus embroidered silk pillow that I ordered from the KainKain Etsy store.

Should really be a nice pop of color back there.

(Posted by Laura)