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Bedding Changeup

I changed the bedding on the Airstream bed. Again. The yellow/black/gray/white set we had was great but I have been wanting a change. I had started bringing our quilt from home because it was a warmer color, and not quite as "springy" in its color palette. It's a shiny champagne silky thing, and looked great back there. Not as graphic, but "accentuatable" with cool pillows. And we all know how much I love accentuating with pillows. 

Anyway, bringing our bedding from home and toting it back and forth was not ideal, and I recently found this silvery lotus quilt that I really like. 


I added a Marimekko Joonas pillow, and a black/white embroidered one from Blissliving (and threw the Ikea striped throw on there to see how that worked). I'm still missing one pillow that hasn't arrived yet: this orange lotus embroidered silk pillow that I ordered from the KainKain Etsy store.

Should really be a nice pop of color back there.

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Lee Lee

    Hi! Just curious where you got all of your bedding. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lee,
    Multiple places. The Marimekko Joonas pillow I found on Etsy (I just bought the case and put a pillow insert into it. You can find Marimekko pillows at Crate & Barrel now, I think.) The BlissLiving pillow I already put a link to, and I think the bedspread/pillow shams came from Macy’s. Sheets from who knows where, and thin down blanket from Ikea. 🙂

  3. Lee Lee

    Thanks Laura! You have amazing taste. I tried looking on for the quilt and couldn’t find it. If you have any other info on it please send my way (ie brand etc). Thanks again!

  4. Lee: You’re welcome! And thank you! I’ll look it up and send you info when I find it. It might me Martha Stewart?

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