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Valentine’s Day in the Airstream


We don't have champagne glasses in the Airstream, so we had to drink fast so the bubbles didn't disappear. (Kidding).

We had a nice mellow evening last night. Poured some champagne, snacked on some delicious french cheese with crackers and marinated artichoke hearts, and made Shrimp Longhi for dinner. The original comes from Longhi's in Maui, but if you can't get to Maui, you can find the recipe here (click to enlarge):

Shrimp longhi
It's delicious, and fairly simple.

We made some dark chocolate mousse for dessert, topped with whipped cream and strawberries. Super rich and delicious. I took some photos (with the iphone) but they weren't that great so I'm not going to post them. You'll have to imagine it all. 

(Posted by Laura)