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Streaming the Super Bowl

Well, it's Super Bowl Sunday, and we're in the Airstream… and we only get one network channel and it's not the channel that is showing the game.  

Oh my!

However, we do have iPads and iPhones – with unlimited data plans. We also have good 3G service here. Best of all – at home, connected to our cable TV box/DVR, we have a Slingbox.


The Slingbox allows you to control and watch your home cable box from anywhere you have a good internet connection. You can do it from any computer web browser (which would be a bad idea for us because we do NOT have unlimited data plans on the 3G cards we use for our Airstream Wi-Fi network, and watching a 3 hour game would use probably an entire month worth of data). You can also do it from an app on the iPhone and iPad. Since we have unlimited data plans on those, they'll be our ticket to the Super Bowl.

We have a nice little cable that plugs into the ipad and routes the video signal to our flat screen TV. It routes the audio to the Airstream's sound system.  We just plug that baby in and fire up the Slingbox app on our iPad. The Slingbox app finds its way through the Internet back to our home cable box… tunes in the right channel… (sets the game to record on our DVR just in case anything goes wrong)… and voilá! We are watching the game on our Airstream TV – complete with pause, replay, and fast-forward.  

Now if we could just stream some guacamole…

(Posted by Kevin)