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Mud and Wine

Today we went on a long and very muddy hike. (According to the Fitbit it was 3.46 miles, 7922 steps, and 50 floors.) Sounds about right. We took the road down to the Banks-Vernonia Trail (paved), turned left, and then took the Hare's Canyon Trail up (and I do mean UP) to the hilltop day use area. It was super muddy, but it was more interesting than just turning around and taking the paved trail back the same way we came in…so we stuck with it.

It hasn't rained all day today so far, but you wouldn't know it from the state of the trails. 🙂

After our hike we had some lunch and then headed out to the Tualtatin Valley Estate Vineyard of the Willamette Valley Vineyards. I'm glad we're getting to know some of our local spots a little better. This one is one we'll definitely revisit. So are the two we discovered yesterday, really…no duds.


We tasted several good wines today…a pinot gris, several pinot noirs, a malbec, a merlot, a frizzante style muscat (very good). Especially memorable was the 2008 Pinot Noir Style Port. Amazing. Get some. Even if you're not big into port…it's very different and very good.

Wv_pinot_portWe are now grilling some chicken, making a caesar salad and sipping a glass of David Hill Farmhouse Red. Happy Sunday!

(Posted by Laura)